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1. Tire Labeling
Federal Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) regulations mandate that tires for cars built after 1976 have informative labels. Examples of what information is required on these labels include the tire size and maximum air pressure, etc., and that the labels are on both the inside and outside of all tires. Since during the white wall manufacturing process, information on the outside of the sidewall of the tire may be removed, leaving the labeled information on the inside of the tire only, Calli White Wall Tires are built and sold exclusively for cars built prior to 1976. By ordering Calli White Wall Tires, you acknowledge that you understand that the labeling information has been removed from the outside of the tire(s) but is still available on the inside of the sidewall. You are strongly urged to read the labeling before the tires are mounted, write the information down and keep it with the vehicle.

2. Consumer Responsibility
It is the responsibility of the consumer to check air pressure regularly before the vehicle is driven for cold air pressure. 35psi (cold) is recommended for most vehicles. For XL rated (Extra Load) tires require more pressure, around 44-54psi (cold). See tire labeling for the exact max pressure number. Our tires are radial and tubeless, so inner tubes are not needed and they are not recommended.

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