50's Tire Size 60's Tire Size 70's Tire Size Today's Modern Tire Size
750-14 775-14 F78-14 205/75R14
800-14 825-14 G78-14 215/75R14
850-14 855-14 H78-14 225/75R14 ***See Notes Below
670-15 775-15 F78-15 205/75R15
710-15 815-15 G78-15 215/75R15
760-15 845-15 H78-15 225/75R15
800-15 900-15 L78-15 235/75R15

600-16:  For some reason 16" bias ply tire radial conversion charts do not exist.  Internet searches give different conversions sizes.  Many of them do not correlate to any actual modern day radial tire size that is currently being made.  Some do correlate to a size, but those sizes are so uncommon, such as 195/80R16 (only made by Bridgestone), it is hard to find them in stock anywhere.

*** These modern radial equivialent sizes: 225/75R14, 235/70R14, and 235/75R14 are not available.  There are no modern radial manufatuers making these sizes tires.

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